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B2B Meetings & Networking Scheduler
מערכת ניהול פגישות

How to use

Using the Chance2Meet system for B2B meetings is really simple and easy.

For the participants, a few weeks prior to the event, the system will be opened for registration and will allow each user to create a personal profile that is open for B2B meetings. Using an advanced search engine you can filter the participants in the conference or event according to different segments, search for a specific participant, read a profile about each one, correspond with him, and of course arrange a meeting with him. All in a simple and friendly interface.

Each of the participants can manage his calendar as he wishes, set and cancel meetings and decide when and where to meet. There's even a space for your picture or logo.

Organizers do not have to bother operating the system.

We set up the system and support the participants until the conference - no matter how much time is left until the conference!

You will have full control over the meetings, participants, statistics and reports updated LIVE

The system is designed according the conference branding and supports sponsors perfectly.

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